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Include but are not limited to: 

Creation and Implementation of New Programs and

Services based on licensing and business standards

  1. Creating Policy Manuals 

  2. Creating Processes and Workflows

  3. Policy Development

Making Corrections To:

  1.  Audit Compliance Reviews

  2.  Corrective Action Plans 

  3.  Technical Assistance Plans

  4.  Licensing Issues

Training For:  

  1. Curriculum Development

  2. Outcome-based Business Solutions

  3. Competencies

  4. Staff Development

  5. Parenting classes/ individuals/groups

Human Resource Management

  1. Compliance 

  2. Staff Supervision/Management

  3. Organizational Structure & Design 

  4. Staff Recruitment Screening and Hiring

Court-Ordered Services 

  1. Custody Home Studies

  2. Court Ordered Foster Care/Pre-Adoption Home Studies

  3. Court Ordered Parent/ Child Visitations with Written Evaluations

  4. Social History Reports

  5. Court Support Aid 

  6. Case management/Case coordination services

Mentoring​​​Services-Independent Living Skills

  1. Teenagers 13 to 18 years

  2. Adults with Intellectual Disabilities   

 Personal Care Services

  1. Family Aid Elderly Sitter Service/Companion

  2. Payee Services

  3. Light House Cleaning

  4. Transportation-grocery shopping, basic errands 

  5. Power of Attorney 

Housing Assistance Services 

  1. Rental Housing Search and Budgeting program     

  2. New, remodeled, Move in/out Housing Finish Clean Up

  3. Real Estate Staging

  4. Rental Leasing Management Services

  5. Supportive Housing program (room & board $750.00 a month, all utilities included) minimum income $1500  a month) includes support groups and community referrals for your service needs.

Employment Services

1. Job Readiness Program (up to 35 hours a week)

2. Resume/Cover letter

** Other services and programs are available as determined by the evaluation of the client’s needs. 

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