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Interested In Contracting Our Services? 

Steps to Receiving Services:

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1.  Identify a Business need for your Agency or Business 

2.  Fill out our Contact Form to request a free consult for the services of interest.  Please include the services you are interested in when completing the contact form.  


3.  KIS Consultants, LLC staff will contact you by phone to discuss your specifics needs, services, and answer any questions. 


4.  The agency or business will develop an Implementation/Action Plan that outlines work to be contracted by KIS Consultants, LLC and submit with the Professional Service Agreement.


5. The agency or Business will receive Business Supportive Services once Implementation/Action Plan and Professional Service Agreement is submitted and reviewed/approved by KIS Consultants, LLC staff. 


Service Contracts

Services are contracted at a minimum of six months and may be extended in six-month increments.  Ongoing long-term contacts can be negotiated up to 25 years or more. 

Service Retainer Process 

The cost of services is based on the service type(s), the combination of services, and the hours needed to complete the task(s). A Professional Service Agreement between KIS Consultants, LLC and the prospective agency or client will be initiated before services are rendered.  At the start of service, an Action Plan will be developed and agreed upon by all parties.  Action plans will be evaluated every six months. 

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