K. I. Snead, M.Ed, MA, CEO, Principal Consultant




I am pleased to meet you and look forward to collaborating with your agency or business to provide you with excellent Business Support Services. KIS Consultants, LLC provide Business Support Services to assist Federal and State-funded agencies as well as Private Businesses with services to start, maintain, and increase revenue in a timely and cost-efficient way. We support and specialize in services in such a way that is growth, productivity, and positive outcome-based results.

With my staff’s fifteen or more years’ of experience; I am confident that KIS Consultants, LLC will assist with meeting the goals and objectives of your agency or business.


We believe in:

Demonstrating integrity, honesty, and a high priority on practicing confidentiality and delivering solid business practices to our clients.

Our Vision: To Provide Business Supportive Services that last a lifetime


Our Mission: Building the Bridge to Enhance Agencies, Businesses, and Communities.

 Looking forward to a Business relationship with you.






K.I. Snead